3D-Stickerei Stanz-Nadel

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Make beautiful hand-sewn 3D works of art with our Easy Craft embroidery needle set!

It makes waves among those who love do-it-yourselfers and craft enthusiasts because it offers incredibly easy-to-use techniques that produce intricately beautiful, tailor-made textile art. A beautiful piece of art can be created with a set of magic embroidery needles!

You can now create intricate handmade patterns with ease, as the needle passes seamlessly through the fabric with little pressure.

  • Extensive handmade patterns & individual handicrafts:  there are no limits to what you can create with this needle set, you can use it to make pillows, carpets, wall hangings, ornaments and other decorations
  • Easy to follow steps:  Easy to use even for beginners, just thread and start sewing
  • the needles are cleverly color-coded: to easily identify the needle intended for your specific work.
  • durable needles that last for years corrosion-resistant and resistant to deformation, made from a high-quality alloy that lasts for many years

they can create the perfect embroidery craft with love

Needle sizes:  

Needle 9: 0.9mm
needle 10: 1.08mm
needle 12: 1.21mm
needle 14: 1.41mm
needle 16: 1.6mm


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